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Reflections on creating an Acceptable Use Policy

This week Julie, John, Greg and I handed in our Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) assignment. I never thought I would create that jumble of words that I read and signed as a student… or hopefully read. The readability and understandably of our policy was important to us. How do you put enough in, but keep it short and simple enough that students and parents will actually read it?

It was useful to ponder how we would explain the policy to students and parents, and with that how we would use technology and the internet in our future classrooms. I’m reminded of times I’ve spent thinking about classroom rules. It was also a continuation of my digital-citizenship learning. We had to imagine all the possible positives and drawbacks, make sure we filled any loopholes, but also to not make it so restrictive that nothing good could be created or learned. We surely didn’t want this sign hanging just inside the door.

Homemade sign: NO ELECTRONICS

CC licensed flickr photo shared by Paul Allison

One thing I learned after the process of creating the AUP was that there are so many “how to’s” and other resources out there, even for something like this. This was my favourite resource on the topic.  As amateur policy makers we were able to gather enough information to create this policy (although fictional). It is yet another reason for me to stick with my new-found online presence/learning, I am still amazed to find what’s out there!

My most recent online learning/leisure: watching TED talks on my new-to-me smartphone via the TED app. Check it out


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The Birds and the Bees of Technology

CC Licensed, taken by kalavinka

As a new member of the blogging community and soon to be educator I am further encouraged to dive right in to educational technology. I didn’t need to search far for blogs that spoke to the need for teachers to take up arms and educate themselves and their students. One of the most important technological topics to educate children and teens on is acceptable and appropriate use.  It reminds me of “the talk” our parents or health teachers had with us. It’s important information, often awkward – because unlike “the talk” the kids really do know more than the parents or teachers, and the kids are going to do it anyway and already are. This is about preparing students for the future, and also about remedying ignorant and negative reviews from whom students should see as trusted adults, as exemplified in George Couros‘ story.

This shall be the start of my journey to educating myself enough to give “the talk” to my future students, hopefully making them think before they do online.


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