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Higher Order Thinking and my 3C’s

Today I stumbled across a detailed document called Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. The pdf is lengthy, so skip to page 7 for a visual. This updated version of Bloom’s Taxonomy is very similar, but it contains new digitized verbs for the 21st century. Things that we will need to teach to our students so they can survive in the digital world. The document speaks to the importance of communication and collaboration based on an official Google blog identifying the most important traits for their employees.

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy (revised)

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Back to the visual on Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy (page 7). The author included a communication spectrum describing the types of communication skills students would be using as they achieved higher order thinking. At the lower end of the spectrum, students would be searching,  texting, using email, bookmarking. At the higher end students would be commenting, debating, collaborating, as well as designing, programming, publishing. These, therefore, are the types of things we need to encourage our students to do.

You Are What You Create

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It’s encouraging to note that most of, if not all my assignments for this university term require   some sort of creating or creativity. From self-proposed painting projects, to creative presentations and video assignments, to this blog assignment, I am gaining some experience and ideas for projects that require higher order thinking skills. I’ve decided (unless someone out there has already named this trio) to remember these three important higher order thinking skills as the 3C’s: Communication, Collaboration, and Creation.


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