Reflections on creating an Acceptable Use Policy

This week Julie, John, Greg and I handed in our Acceptable Use Policy(AUP) assignment. I never thought I would create that jumble of words that I read and signed as a student… or hopefully read. The readability and understandably of our policy was important to us. How do you put enough in, but keep it short and simple enough that students and parents will actually read it?

It was useful to ponder how we would explain the policy to students and parents, and with that how we would use technology and the internet in our future classrooms. I’m reminded of times I’ve spent thinking about classroom rules. It was also a continuation of my digital-citizenship learning. We had to imagine all the possible positives and drawbacks, make sure we filled any loopholes, but also to not make it so restrictive that nothing good could be created or learned. We surely didn’t want this sign hanging just inside the door.

Homemade sign: NO ELECTRONICS

CC licensed flickr photo shared by Paul Allison

One thing I learned after the process of creating the AUP was that there are so many “how to’s” and other resources out there, even for something like this. This was my favourite resource on the topic.  As amateur policy makers we were able to gather enough information to create this policy (although fictional). It is yet another reason for me to stick with my new-found online presence/learning, I am still amazed to find what’s out there!

My most recent online learning/leisure: watching TED talks on my new-to-me smartphone via the TED app. Check it out


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3 Responses to Reflections on creating an Acceptable Use Policy

  1. John

    You know, that poster really drives home one of the key points of our AUP that I think I liked the most. While it is certainly simpler to post something like that on the door, it is much better to strive for integration of tech into the classroom, rather than fighting it. Though maybe a little amateurish, I think that our AUP was able to address this quite well.

  2. jub574

    I enjoyed this as well and like you I am amazed at what is all out there to use and to teach with …. I am a little overwhelmed too, but I lke your words better! This was a great way to work together and get to know eeach other a little better too!

  3. Greg

    Now that we have completed our AUP, I am wondering if there are other ways that we could create an atmosphere about technology in the school. Obviously, we were trying to strike a balance between professionalism, enthusiasm, legal protections, and bullying. But I wonder if there is something that the school could do alongside the AUP and Social Media guidelines to get parents, teachers, students, and community members excited about using wikis, blogs, podcasts, etc.?