Let Me Introduce Myself…

As part of my requirements for my Educational Technology class here is my first YouTube video.

ETAD 470 really could be called “Technology 101” for me: I’m learning a lot!
So, here am I, this is why I want to be a teacher, and a story about Mr. G, a teacher who inspired me.


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4 Responses to Let Me Introduce Myself…

  1. jub574

    You have such great excitement – I like how you have a distinct time that you knew you wanted to be a teacher. Great job!

    • Allison de Hoop

      There are several times I’ve had the thought: “Yes, I can, want to, and would enjoy being a teacher,” but this was the most significant.

  2. John Lintott

    I really liked that the teacher that inspired you got your class interested in current events. I’ve had many inspiring teachers, but none quite like that. It certainly is something I want to do with my students. As an aside, the best teachers seem to be ones that let you call them my their last initial (G in your case, Z in mine).

    Also, kudos on your video recording. You are very well spoken and quite eloquent in your delivery. Makes me retroactively feel awkward about my video. Well done.

    • Allison de Hoop

      I am becoming more and more interested in current events, and making sure our students are just as informed about them. During Mr. G’s nuclear energy explanation was one of the first times I’d thought about how I could have input on decisions, and that I really should learn about what’s going on around me. I want the future’s students to be much more informed and involved than I was as a student. Another important thing to do is to explain the headlines in student friendly terms. There could be some fantastic discussions around current events once students became excited about an issue.