The Birds and the Bees of Technology

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As a new member of the blogging community and soon to be educator I am further encouraged to dive right in to educational technology. I didn’t need to search far for blogs that spoke to the need for teachers to take up arms and educate themselves and their students. One of the most important technological topics to educate children and teens on is acceptable and appropriate use.  It reminds me of “the talk” our parents or health teachers had with us. It’s important information, often awkward – because unlike “the talk” the kids really do know more than the parents or teachers, and the kids are going to do it anyway and already are. This is about preparing students for the future, and also about remedying ignorant and negative reviews from whom students should see as trusted adults, as exemplified in George Couros‘ story.

This shall be the start of my journey to educating myself enough to give “the talk” to my future students, hopefully making them think before they do online.


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5 Responses to The Birds and the Bees of Technology

  1. Carla Mysko

    I like your concept of “the talk”. It would definitely be an attention-grabber on a lesson plan or as a lesson title for students.

  2. jub574

    I agree! The best thing to do is to be prepared and be open to all of the new technology that is coming our way. This is a big step for me as well and is very educational. It will be exciting to teach our students what we know and to have them teach us as well!

  3. John Lintott

    You are right about the younger generation knowing more than us (or you and me at least). I’m semi-computer literate, knowing how to do many things with software and hardware, but I’m basically ignorant of social media. From my point of view, “the talk” about digital citizenship would work best as “a discussion,” because I’ll need student to help me as much as I need to help them.

  4. Greg

    Great post, Allison. I asked a few students about online bullying while I was doing my student internship. They told me that they were aware of instances of online bullying. Bullying, along with the safety and privacy of students, are huge concerns for us as educators. I think that this “talk” is a necessary staple of modern education. Also, I like john’s point about introducing this as a discussion rather than a lecture.

  5. Yvonne Toney

    In any 1 to 1 school, the ultimate success of the program will be on the amount of time and effort spent on digital citizenship. Despite the fact that the students we are working with are digital natives most of them don’t know their “manners”…or shall I say understand the importance of digital citizenship. I view technology as a way and means for learning and if used correctly can be amazing. Just as when one learns to drive a car the etiquette and rules nerd to be learned. Good luck with your journey and bravo for identifying the importance of digital citizenship.