Playing with Google Forms

**UPDATE: March 18. I learned that I would not share the responses from a paragraph-type question. Unfortunately, I had someone copy and paste an entire Wikipedia article as a joke, which made the results confusing to read and also happened to be offensive and therefore flagged – or whatever it’s called when something cannot be read by the public online anymore (I had a friend show me and we couldn’t view the results unless I logged onto Google Drive). However, this was a good experience because I learned both how to remove a question from a form and how to erase all the responses and start new (unfortunately I had to erase all or none so I lost the previous responses including some great stories). Future: only have the results publicly available if the answers are not typed in freely. I could post a message for those interested in the results to contact me if necessary.**

I wanted to do some playing with Google Forms as I missed this topic when it was presented in class. This is practice for when, not if, I use them in the future for:

suitcase covered with freeform knitting and crochet

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Organizing events, trips (professional or personal… like organizing family Christmas!)

Getting to know students and parents/organizing interviews

School-wide Surveys

Tests and Quizes

3D Bar Graph Meeting

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Math and Graphing

Student created surveys and research

Collecting opinions and preferences from those who are too busy and/or too shy to speak up.

Collecting feedback on anything.

Students’ record of readings/homework/optional work.

suggestion box

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Alternative to the  “suggestions box” or “questions, concerns, ideas box” (similar to our exit slips in ETAD 470)

Orders (i.e. lunch orders, clothing orders)

Creating essay or story outlines

Peer/Self Evaluation reports

Guided Reflection Document for Staff and Students

Voting System

**Some of my ideas came from here, and there are many, many more.  

Here’s my Google Form:

Fill it out for some fun if you like and/or share it with anyone. There will be an option for you to review the results etc. after you finish. I’ve added my personal Facebook friends to complete it as well so I’m hoping for many creative answers!


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4 Responses to Playing with Google Forms

  1. Carla Mysko

    Thanks for the ideas Allison – I can use some of these in the future. I can tell you have put a lot of thought into this.

  2. John Lintott

    Thanks for the suggestions. While I’m partial to the exit slip idea, which of these ideas is your favorite?

    I was just thinking, this may be a good way to survey parents. We see students on an everyday basis, so there is less of a need to survey them (though it is still important). Having an online option for parents to give feedback could be useful.

    • Allison de Hoop

      Even though we may see students face to face everyday, it doesn’t mean they will necessarily speak up, share, or participate at all. Check out this video:, it really sold me. One of my favourite ideas, however, is using forms to get opinions, dates that work, collect data, etc. from staff. They never seem to all be together at one time, and this would be a great way to ensure everyone gets the chance to speak. It may take a few tries to teach people how to fill it out, or take the time to, but in the end I think it would benefit everyone.

  3. Julie

    I would also like to play with these a bit and get confortable with them. Your did a great job! well done :)