My name is Allison de Hoop. I am a born and raised rural Saskatchewanian and a beginning teacher. My recent Educational Technology class was a well needed push into the online world where I am finding more and more about teaching with technology, and also how to use many online tools for my personal use. My blog was created as a requirement for the course mentioned above, but I will continue to post as learning and reflection tool for my journeys as a teacher.

In addition to an B. Ed. I have a degree in studio art. My e-portfolio, accessible by the menu link above, contains some examples of the artwork I did during my degree.  I continue to enjoy the arts and hope to become more a more active artist again.

A thought my header image: I enjoy travel, and am especially curious/enthralled/intrigued by air travel, mostly what you can see from way up there. The photo is one I took while flying to California several years ago. I love seeing the mountains and cities from above!

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