Access to Schlumberger geoscientific software now possible

The UofS was recently awarded a software grant by Schlumberger (SLB) which provides for access to the PETREL suite of geoscientific software. SLB is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technology and services into the oil and gas exploration/production industry. Included in this grant is the entire ECLIPSE suite for reservoir modeling. This software is recognized as the premier leading edge environment for fluid flow modeling in this specific discipline. To facilitate a broader license provisioning to teaching labs and researchers across/off campus, a new dedicated server ( has been established to deliver the multiple licenses available. This new license server will be used for other related software systems in the future. For more information contact us at

Charges to use DataShare eliminated

As part of our program to support good research data management, charges for Datashare (our research data storage and file sharing platform) have been dropped. This makes the spectrum of services for data storage consistently free for researchers:

Other parts of our research data management services in early stages include:

  • Researcher personal computer backups  (currently in testing phase)
  • Research data security guidelines and tools (in development)
  • Research data management planning

Big Data Driving Evolution of HPC

Over at Scientific Computing’s blog, Gord Sissons of IBM makes an interesting case that the availability of large amounts of inexpensive storage has started to drive the evolution of HPC, much as cheap computing has changed the HPC scene over the last few decades.

“HPC is changing again, and the catalyst this time around is Big Data. As storage becomes more cost-effective, and we acquire the means to electronically gather more data faster than ever before, data architectures are being re-considered once again. What happened to compute over two decades ago is happening today with storage.”

Read the full post here.

REDCap clinical research software coming

We want to let you know that ICT will launch later this summer a new service based on the REDCap software.

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a mature, secure web application for building and managing research data collection and databases—specifically designed for clinical research. See   It has been developed over many years and has about a thousand institutions using it around the world.

ICT has arranged an institutional license for the REDCap software from Vanderbilt University.

The service we are building will mean that researchers can use the software without arranging their own license, without having to acquiring equipment and software, etc. We make the software available on virtual machines within our server room.   We’ll provide access to a shared implementation of the software in which you can create your data collection forms, put them on the web, create the database, analyze or export the data.  The implementation will be run by UofS ICT and your data will be stored on ICT servers at the Saskatoon campus.  It should be noted that this software and our systems are probably NOT HIPA compliant (

We anticipate no charges for use of this service.

We are planning to have this service built on REDCap ready by the end of August.   If you’re interested, contact us at so we can keep you informed.  You can also find out more at