Mathematica 11.0.1 released

Wolfram just released a new version of Mathematica to fix the bugs in the last release (see previous post). As some of the bugs patched can cause a “system crash”, it is recommended that anyone using 11.0 upgrade as soon as possible. The list of fixes are listed on the Wolfram site.

The install files are on the Windows share \\ditto\rc\Mathematica11.0.1

Note that this is not a patch, but a new install – you may be requested to remove 11.0. If so, please remove that version.

Data Privacy Day

Today, January 28, is international Data Privacy Day. Happy Data Privacy Day!

The idea of this “celebration” is to promote discussion and thought about privacy considerations around data – both data about you, and data that you might have gathered as part of your research.

A number of organisations will be promoting safe use of your data online today, such as the office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Educause and the American National Cyber Security Alliance.