Help Identify These Individuals

Incident 2015-07229 – Marquis Hall – Theft

Please help identify these individuals related to a theft from Marquis Hall on the evening of June 8th:

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If you have any information, or see any suspicious behaviour on campus, please contact Protective Services immediately at 306-966-5555

Please Help Identify These Persons of Interest

Incident 2015-03105 Mischief Aspen Hall, March 15th 2015:


Please assist Protective Services in identifying the persons in the photo above, who may have information regarding to an incident of mischief / damage in Aspen Hall.

If you have any information, please contact Protective Services at 306-966-5555.

Please Help Us Identify These People

Please help us identify these people of interest for two incidents (scroll down to see more images).

Incident 2015-02388 Locker Theft from Law Building:



Incident 2015-02427 Mischief / Damage Seager Wheeler:

**Thanks to your help these individuals were identified and the photographs were removed**

If you have any information about these or other incidents on campus, please contact Protective Services at 306-966-5555. 

Please Help Identify Person of Interest

Incident 2014-10311 Mischief (False Fire Alarm) Pine Hall, November 1st, 2014

Please help us identify the following individual who may have information regarding a false fire alarm and mischief cased at Pine Hall on November 1st.

If you have information, please call us at 306-966-5555

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More Persons of Interest

U of S 2014-10366 & 2014-10316 Damage & Mischief College Quarter
Time: 0108Hrs
Date: November 2nd, 2014

UPDATE: Thanks to your efforts we have identified the individuals in this case and removed the photos.

Please contact us at 306-966-5555 if you see anything suspicious on campus 24 hours a day.