Submissions to On Campus News (print newspaper published 18 times per year) are invited from the campus community by email, or mail.

Coming Events

  • – University or university-related events
  • – Submissions must include a date, time, location, and contact name and phone number
  • – Please include people’s first names (not initials) and positions

Letters and Viewpoints

  • – Letters to the Editor: Letters to the editor are usually short (up to 300 words) and provide a direct response to an article that has appeared in the publication. If you have a brief point to make, a letter to the editor is your best bet.
  • – Viewpoints: Personal viewpoints are generally longer (up to 600 words) and feature self-contained personal opinions that stand alone, not necessarily in response to an article that has appeared in the publication.
  • – View our editorial policies

Around the Bowl

  • – Brief notices of awards, achievements and promotions of campus faculty and staff
  • – Please use full first names (not initials), and include a head-and-shoulders photo if possible. Send photos via email to

Please note:

  • – Submission deadline is Thursday at 5 p.m., eight days prior to publication. Please see the publications schedule and deadlines.
  • – All submissions should provide appropriate contact names and phone numbers
  • – All submissions or story ideas should be sent to the On Campus News editor


Campus mail:

  • Attention: On Campus News
  • 501 – 121 Research Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1K2
  • Phone: 306-966-6610