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Karen Tanino and M.P.M. Nair in the U of S greenhouse where the mother lemon trees are kept.

Lemons on the prairies

September 16, 2014

It has taken nearly 34 years, but finally a lemon tree has been bred in the U of S greenhouses specifically for low-light conditions in an indoor home environment.

Christopher Eskiw

Where diet, genes and the environment meet

September 3, 2014

Can what we eat and how much we eat affect how long we live?

Food and Bioproducts Science assistant professor Christopher Eskiw said the answer is yes. But why this is true is an extremely complex question whose answers are locked within our genes and how they are affected by environment and diet.

For example, research shows that caloric restriction – eating a nutritious diet with fewer calories – is good for you.

“There is a large accumulation of research showing that when

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Kristin Musselman

Helping people relearn balance

August 18, 2014

“I’ve known I wanted to be a neurological physical therapist since high school,” said Kristin Musselman, who joined the faculty of the U of S School of Physical Therapy in July 2013.

Jeff Lane

Connecting squirrels, prairie dogs and climate change

July 24, 2014

Jeff Lane joined the U of S in July 2013 as an assistant professor in the Department of Biology, specializing in how mammals, specifically squirrels and prairie dogs, respond to climate change.

“The questions I’m interested in are long term like, how are wild populations responding to climate change? Is there any evidence of evolutionary responses in the populations?”

Lane grew up in Calgary and developed a love of the outdoors in the Rocky Mountains. He completed his bachelor’s degree in ecology

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Yansun Yao

Providing answers to experiments

July 21, 2014

While they may not shout out “is there a theoretical physicist in the house?,” scientists from across Canada and around the world often end up at Yansun Yao’s office at the Canadian Light Source, seeking his help.

John Hansen

Bringing community together through justice process

July 16, 2014

John Hansen joined the U of S in July 2012 as an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology specializing in justice, crime and society within the context of Indigenous knowledge and non–Western models of justice.

Clayton Bangsund

Teaching contract law in the real world

July 9, 2014

Clayton Bangsund was working on his PhD at the University of Alberta when the U of S College of Law came calling, offering the chance to work with one of his mentors, law professor Ronald C.C. Cuming.