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One Health event unites University of Saskatchewan health science students

August 22, 2014

Nearly 200 health-science students at the University of Saskatchewan will spend this weekend learning how to work together at the third annual One Health Leadership Experience, Aug. 22-24.

The three-day conference aims to introduce students from all health-science disciplines to the concept of One Health, a global initiative that encourages collaboration between health professions to attain optimal health for all people, animals and the environment.

Through small group sessions, team-building exercises and plenary lectures, the students will learn how to work collectively

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University of Saskatchewan and Faculty Association reach tentative agreement regarding tenure decisions

August 21, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan and its Faculty Association have tentatively agreed on revised procedures for awarding tenure. The changes were negotiated as part of the collective-bargaining process for the university’s 1,100 faculty members that culminated in a three-year tentative agreement.

Jim Cheesman, chief negotiator for the Faculty Association stated, “We believe this agreement is a critical step forward in order to place the recent events at the university behind us and continue to build the reputation of the U of S as

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New synchrotron imaging technique reveals how cystic fibrosis makes lungs vulnerable to infection

August 18, 2014

University of Saskatchewan researchers working at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) synchrotron in Saskatoon have developed a new imaging technique that reveals a hitherto unknown component of the immune system in the lungs, one that promises insights that could benefit cystic fibrosis patients. Their findings are published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

“We discovered that the airway responds to inhaled bacteria by secreting airway surface liquid,” said Juan Ianowski, assistant professor of physiology in the

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Four U of S Students Awarded Prestigious Vanier Scholarships

August 14, 2014

Four University of Saskatchewan students have each been awarded a $150,000 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship which recognizes world-class PhD students who demonstrate both academic excellence and remarkable leadership skills.

Real-time water quality data aims to improve Regina and Moose Jaw drinking water

August 12, 2014

Residents of Regina and Moose Jaw who rely on Buffalo Pound Lake for their water supply will soon have a better understanding of their water source thanks to researchers from the University of Saskatchewan and the staff at the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant.

Buffalo Pound Lake is shallow and rich in the nutrients that stimulate blooms of algae each summer. This high-algal productivity makes the water difficult to treat and can impart unpleasant tastes and odours.

“This project is the first

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University of Saskatchewan honours students, faculty and staff who fought in WWI

August 7, 2014

To commemorate the students, faculty and staff who fought in the First World War, the University of Saskatchewan, with the campus community unveiled two commemorative plaques on August 7 that are to be placed in the Peter MacKinnon Building.

The plaques contain the names of 18 individuals who were previously omitted from the memorial tributes that line the halls of the historic building.

“The young men and women who served in the war made great sacrifices on behalf of the country, and

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U of S arthritis study seeks participants

August 7, 2014

Is arthritis pain getting in the way of regular exercise or are the barriers more of a psychological game? A team of researchers at the University of Saskatchewan is seeking participants to take part in a study to determine how people deal with the psychological challenge of exercising while enduring the physical symptoms of arthritis.

“Many arthritis sufferers avoid physical exercise because of the pain associated with the disease, although research has shown health benefits of exercise for arthritis, including decreased

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Media Advisory – University of Saskatchewan to honour students, faculty and staff who fought in WWI

August 5, 2014

The University of Saskatchewan will kick off a series of events to commemorate the First World War with a special ceremony to honour the U of S students, faculty and staff who fought in the war.

A number of memorial ribbons currently displayed throughout the Peter MacKinnon Building list the names of 349 men and one woman from the U of S who served during the war. In a special tribute ceremony, university officials will unveil a plaque with 18 additional

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Media statement: U of S announces change in human resources leadership

July 25, 2014

This statement was issued by Greg Fowler, vice-president finance and resources, University of Saskatchewan on July 25, 2014.

Today, it was announced through an internal memo to the campus community a change in leadership of human resources at the University of Saskatchewan.

“Barb Daigle, associate vice-president of human resources, and I have come to a mutually-agreed decision for her to leave her position with the University of Saskatchewan, as of today July 25, 2014,” said Greg Fowler, vice-president of finance and resources.

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U of S researchers contribute to first draft of wheat genome

July 17, 2014

University of Saskatchewan researchers are part of an international team who published the first chromosome-based draft sequence of the wheat genome, a development that promises wheat breeders powerful new tools in developing varieties to meet the challenges of world population growth and climate change.

“The release of the chromosomal draft of the wheat genome sequence will accelerate gene discovery in wheat, and pave the way for development of tools to improve breeding of complex traits such as yield, insect and disease

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