University of Saskatchewan News


Beth Bilson, dean of the College of Law

Raising the bar

November 26, 2015

As a young female law student completing her PhD, Beth Bilson’s academic prowess and leadership skills stood out. Earmarked for success, Bilson was recruited for a faculty position in the law school by a former college leader.

Kishor Wasan, dean of pharmacy and nutrition

Jury duty

November 24, 2015

Kishor Wasan, professor and dean of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, has been selected as the newest jury member for the Prix Galien Canada, an award that recognizes the efforts and achievements of pharmaceutical research and development.

Sarah Buhler, assistant professor in the College of Law, has been involved with CLASSIC since its beginning in 2007.

Legal ease

November 20, 2015

It is a basic tenet of Canadian society that all citizens are equal before the law, but this view may be a bit naïve, explained Sarah Buhler, an assistant professor in the College of Law.

Meera Kachroo

A gateway to mystery

November 20, 2015

Despite its universal inevitability, death is a touchy topic for many.

Adam Baxter-Jones, interim dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR).

Graduate studies review complete

November 20, 2015

After close to three years of campus-wide consultation, University Council has received a series of recommendations on the administration of graduate studies.

Musician Susan Aglukark was recently named the Interdisciplinary Centre for Culture and Creativity’s Aboriginal Fellow in Creativity.

Surviving the road

November 20, 2015

Juno-winning musician and northern advocate Susan Aglukark knows a thing or two about touring and the rigours of life on the road.

Rebecca North measures winter oxygen levels and water temperature at Lake Diefenbaker.

Water quality of Lake Diefenbaker may go with the flow

November 20, 2015

A team of U of S researchers studying the health of Lake Diefenbaker over the last few years has found that water flowing in from the South Saskatchewan River may be the principal factor affecting the lake’s water quality.

The first graduating class of the Graduate Professional Skills certificate (left to right): Mohamed Rani Abdel Salam, Qin Xiang, Noura Sheikhalzoor and Ahmed Abdel Salam.

Life after grad studies

November 20, 2015

More than ever, graduate students will not find themselves in faculty positions once done pursuing education and will need to develop certain professional skills required outside of academia.

The College of Nursing has been making steady progress towards its goal of proportional Aboriginal representation in its student body.

Nursing numbers

November 18, 2015

Achieving its long-term goal of proportional Aboriginal representation in its student body, the College of Nursing is extremely pleased to announce an undergraduate enrolment of 165 (17.3 per cent) Aboriginal students this term.

PhD student Zhubing Li explains her research at the School of Public Health Poster Day.

School of Public Health Poster Day

November 6, 2015

Michael Szafron likes to share an anecdote from one of his students who was intimidated by attending a course at Johns Hopkins, one of the top medical schools in North America.