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Phil Chilibeck and Whitney Duff

For brains and brawn

February 24, 2015

Older adults looking for an edge with their new year’s exercise program might consider some judicious use of dietary supplements such as whey protein and bovine (cow) colostrum to help build strength, guard bone and even keep their brains humming along.

One of the digital storytelling videos explores the traditional role of dogs in First Nations culture.

Digital dogs

February 5, 2015

What makes four videos about managing dog populations in the Battle River Treaty 6 area distinct?

College plans to strengthen arts, science ties

Restructuring at the top

February 5, 2015

An administrative change in the upper echelons of the University of Saskatchewan’s largest college is designed to take advantage of its unique offerings and prove that the sum is greater than its parts.

Dr. Paul Dhillon

Doc on the go

January 29, 2015

Work, for Dr. Paul Dhillon, is going where he is needed.

Dr. Romany Pinto and rehab patient Rose.

Pets get physio

January 23, 2015

In the basement of the Small Animal Clinic in the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM), Dr. Romany Pinto is working with Kaibo, a brown toy poodle with hip and knee problems.

Members of Tuffy’s clinical team (from left): Dr. Sara Higgins, Dr. Fernando Marqués, Dr. Chris Clark and Trinita Barboza. Photo: Christina Weese.

Horse healers

January 13, 2015

Tuffy, an 18-year-old Appaloosa gelding, was in pretty bad shape when he arrived at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Centre in Saskatoon late one October night.

Left to right: Anapaula Campos, Jenna Schmitt and Kellyana Quattrini.

Mercury-free research

January 9, 2015

Research by three students in the U of S College of Dentistry may lead to a new mercury-free material for filling teeth.

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine once again has access to its tilt table, a hydraulic device
that makes hoof trimming and other procedures safe and efficient.

Tipping cows

November 7, 2014

It’s October and veterinarian Dr. Chris Clark is looking forward to tipping cows again.

Psychology student Brittany Arsenault plays while Dylan McInnes, a computer science
student, sings at a piano recently installed under the ramp in the main entrance of the Arts Building.

Melody makers

October 27, 2014

When College of Arts and Science Dean Peter Stoicheff got the idea to put a musical instrument in the main entry of the Arts Building for all to play, he didn’t realize it would turn out to be quite so grand—Heintzman baby grand, that is.