A beautiful place to be

The beautiful University of Saskatchewan campus

The beautiful University of Saskatchewan campus

The campus of the University of Saskatchewan recently made a Huffington Post list of the most beautiful post-secondary institutions in the country.

In a website post Aug. 22, the authors drew attention to the dramatic beauty on view at Canadian universities, from snow-capped mountains to fields of green. And as was noted in the post, “most  Canadian students at these institutions get to experience all four seasons, historic buildings and all of the country’s natural beauty.”


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  1. Prof. Edmund Bamiro

    I spent some 6 years at U of S as a graduate student and later as an Asst. Prof. with term appointment. Those 6 years have remained indelible in my memory: the unparalleled beauty of the campus, the friendly members of staff, and the living skies of Saskatoon. I’ve always relived the fragrant memories of Saskatoon and U of S every passing day.


  2. Wayne Pander

    I graduated with a degree in Agriculture in 1966.

    My memories centre mostly on the wonderful people that Ishared the University with, students, professors & staff alike.

    It was a great experience at a fine institution in a time of world wide awakening. Jobs were plentiful, the costs were relatively low compared to the monetary benefits.

    Despite today’s global warming I also remember some very wonderful Indian summers.

    Thank you to everyone that shared and contributed to my learning.


  3. Deanna LeBlanc Lueder

    I graduated with my BA in 1965 and with my BEd in 1976. I still remember so fondly the beautiful campus with its grey stone buildings and the central Bowl. Also the cold winter walk from the Arts Building in the 1960’s to the Gymnasium!


  4. Carol Clarke

    My grandfather, Frank Hey, was one of the early builders who worked on the first buildings: carpenter and stone mason. We were very proud to attend this beautiful place that he had helped build.


  5. Sarah Abdulaziz

    I just graduated in the summer but I already miss it, Murry library, the bowl, and the friendly staff there <3 . I hope I can visit soon. Thank you for the opportunity to become one of your alumni.


    1. Mary Ellen Murray

      correction …. it’s Murray Library. I share the same last name, but important to get it right when referring to public buildings named after individuals.


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