Volume 10, Number 5 October 18, 2002

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Stoicheff wins first Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award

Peter Stoicheff, centre, receives the first U of S Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award

English Prof. Peter Stoicheff, centre, receives the first U of S Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award from, left, Dean of Graduate Studies & Research Tom Wishart and, right, Gwenna Moss Teaching & Learning Centre Director Ron Marken, at an Oct. 8 ceremony held during Graduate Council.

U of S English Professor Peter Stoicheff was presented with the University's first Distinguished Graduate Supervisor Award in a ceremony during the Oct. 8 meeting of Graduate Council, in Place Riel Theatre.

The annual award has been created to honor faculty who excel in the supervision of graduate students undertaking projects, theses, dissertations or artistic works.

"Through this new award, the U of S recognizes that working with graduate students is one of its primary functions," said Tom Wishart, Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Vice-President of Research.

"Professor Stoicheff is an outstanding example of the type of faculty member we are seeking to honor - one who has demonstrated excellence in scholarship undertaken with students and who has superior mentoring skills to stimulate and motivate students to achieve high standards."

Stoicheff has supervised 11 master's and doctoral theses. Several of his students have been successful in either continuing to doctoral studies or finding jobs in publishing, writing and teaching.

While traditional graduate work in the humanities is solitary, Stoicheff is credited with creating a bold new model for humanities research by conducting collaborative research with his graduate students.

The students work together under his supervision to create web-based versions of literary works including William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. By clicking on links interspersed throughout the texts, the reader can access further relevant material including manuscript images and audio samples of the authors reading their work.

Several of his students have presented at conferences, published papers and book chapters, and completed theses arising directly from their research and experiences in these collaborative "hypertext" projects.

Each of these hypertext sites attracts thousands of users a month, receives many inquiries from students and faculty worldwide, and is used in the undergraduate classroom at U of S and elsewhere. The Sound and the Fury site has been ranked as one of four major Faulkner sites on the web. The sites are accessible through the U of S English department home page: www.usask.ca/english

Stoicheff also provides his graduate students with training in writing and editing electronic texts. One student wrote that Stoicheff showed him "that writing, even for an audience of academics, should be as free of jargon and difficulty as possible." Another student commented that Stoicheff was a mentor whose influence will last a lifetime.

The Selection Committee includes the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies & Research, the Director of the Gwenna Moss Teaching & Learning Centre, the Chairs of the PhD, Academic, Interdisciplinary, and Awards committees, and a representative of the Graduate Students' Association.

Students, alumni, faculty, departments or colleges may make nominations. Supporting letters from previous students are required. Application deadline is March 1 of each year.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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