Volume 10, Number 7 November 15, 2002

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DMT offers no-charge access to online multimedia resources

By Michelle Boulton

One of the DMT Image Bank's most popular online images.

One of the DMT Image Bank's most popular online images.

The Division of Media & Technology (DMT) is now offering the U of S community no-charge access to a growing online image gallery. More than 1,600 medium-resolution photos of the U of S campus, buildings, students, and staff are now available for free download and more will be added as they become available.

"We have quite a large inventory of slides of the campus and the city itself. We decided it would be an advantage for the University if we made a lot of those available through our website," says Doug Tomilson, DMT's new Assistant Director.

Tomilson says these images would work well for any application that involves projection or use on a monitor, such as display on the Web, classroom/lab presentations, or presentations at conferences.

Anyone can view the images online at http://www.dmt.usask.ca/imagebank, but to download images, you must log in with your U of S Network Services username and password (NSID).

The lower-resolution images are available at no charge. However, if faculty, staff or students want higher-resolution versions, they will have to pay a modest fee: $3 for slides, $3 plus output cost for black-and-white images, and $10 plus output cost for color images.

DMT has also developed about 10 PowerPoint templates that can be downloaded from its website for free at http://www.dmt.usask.ca/files/index.php?id=39. They include some images of the Administration Building, some cityscapes, and a couple of graphic representations.

"We have a lot of faculty who go off to conferences all over the world, and we have some wonderful shots of the campus, so we look at [the image gallery and the PowerPoint presentations] as an opportunity to show off the beauty of our campus as well as provide our faculty with very high-quality, beautiful presentations," explains Tomilson.

In addition to these media resources, DMT is developing an online video gallery. Tomilson says they "will take clips of videos that have won awards, or some of the ones we would like to profile", and make them available for streaming off the DMT website. The video gallery will be used as promotion for the Division's extensive video collection.

DMT's Media Library, which include 16mm films, videos, and slide/tape productions, houses more than 3,000 programs. It sells videos and lends them out for use on campus for teaching and research. If people are interested in borrowing or buying one of the Division's videos, they can search the database online at http://library.usask.ca/dbs/film.html.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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